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“Life is the greatest journey you will ever experience.”

Whether you want to add something new to your life, you discover you can relate with some of the topics shared on Irenic Journey, or are just here for some entertainment – you’re at the right place!  This is a place where love, creativity, positivity, sharing, collaborating and learning are encouraged and embraced.

Since you are here right now, this tells me you either personally know me, or happened to find me somewhere on the interwebs based on interests we may share.  Feel free to ask any questions while you’re visiting.  While I am constantly learning and am inspired by many things, I am no expert.  My goal is to shed light on different topics that awaken your soul as they have awakened mine.

If you love food, nature, living a holistic lifestyle, yoga, and meditation, you’ll feel right at home here.

“We all deserve happiness, respect, and love.  I believe this wholeheartedly and this is a place where you’ll find it.”

About Irene - Irenic Journey
Irene, creator of Irenic Journey

Hey, hey!  My name is Irene, a software and solutions specialist by day, blogger by night.  Welcome to Irenic Journey!  I’m so happy to have you here.

I began this site in 2017 and have wanted to have my own space on the web to call my own since I was 13.  From AOL instant messenger, to MySpace, to my own secret blog/story I was writing that NOBODY knew about…I figured, let’s give this an official run at this blog thing.  I mean, all the cool kids are doing it… #amirite?

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten less and less in touch with my creative side.  Truly, it has made me sad over time (cue mini violin) and a part of me tells me “just create something already damnit!”  So, here we are!

A little more about me:
I live near Orlando, Florida, I live with my amazing husband and a sweet Pit Bull/gator/bear named Ollie.  I truly enjoy a plethora of things from nature, art, yoga, meditation, and health to food, travel, and photography…just to name a few.  I love to make home cooked meals (thanks Pinterest), spend time with friends & family, be outdoors, explore, and just try to enjoy the little things in life.

My love for living a more holistic life started when I was 26.  I began learning that the foods I was eating before made me feel like crap. I got tired of feeling so tired and decided it was time to make a change for my future.  I’ve always been known to be creative ever since I was a kid but was always too nervous to share any of my work with the world.  Feeling good, healthy and getting back in touch with my creative side are not only a hobby of mine, but these things make me happy.

“Time just slips away when I’m creating and what better way to escape the everyday norm, than by doing something you love?”

This site is a little project of mine as I continue my journey through life to find inner peace.  I feel like I am always learning something new by me constantly reading and doing unintentional research on many different topics.  I am excited for this project to grow.  My goal is to share the love as I work on my self-love, self-improvement and share my creativity with you.  I also hope to not only entertain my readers but hopefully shed some light on something they may not have known about.

Feel free to subscribe to my site on the right to get notifications of new posts.  I promise not to fill your inbox with junk.  Also, feel free to follow me on social media…as long as you’re not a stalker…because nobody likes a stalker. 🙂

Finally, smile!  You are awesome and thanks for being here!  I genuinely appreciate it…and you.

Love & light my friends -xo Irene


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