Spring Equinox Purge

Spring Equinox Purge

Happy Spring Equinox!

Now, I know the title may be a little misleading to some.  When I say “Spring Equinox Purge”, I don’t mean like The Purge movie.  Please don’t go out and commit a bunch of crimes after the sound of the siren.

Spring is the season of new beginnings.  Some countries and cultures celebrate the return of spring, the blossoming of nature or the rise of the vernal equinox.  Those in colder climates look forward to warmer days ahead.  Flowers begin to bloom again and animals awaken from their Winter slumber.  Others also take this time of year to do some Spring Cleaning in their houses.  Today, we’re going to take Spring Cleaning to another level.

Before I get too deep on you all, let’s talk a little about the Spring Equinox.  The Spring, or Vernal Equinox is officially on March 20th, 2017.  There are only two times in the year when the Sun is exactly above the Equator.  On the Spring and Fall Equinox, day and night are of equal length.  Pretty cool stuff, if you ask me.

If the whole “New Year, New Me” motto didn’t quite stick with you after January 1st, now is a good time hop on the good foot and do the good thing…for you!  Yes, I may have just semi-quoted Austin Powers…don’t judge me.  Here are some things I will be doing in celebration of the Spring Equinox and to purge things that no longer serve me.  Feel free to join me on some or all and let me know what you think!  Let’s get weird people!

1.  Clean House

Yes, I had to start with the cliché Spring Cleaning here…but stay with me.

Clean your house, and I really mean CLEAN YOUR HOUSE.  Get in all those nooks and crannies.  Get into those places you normally just wipe around.  Purge your closets and cupboards of things you no longer use.  Release and let go!  The process may not be the most exciting but the reward at the end will be worth it.  Get your family or roommates involved.  Pick and assign cleaning tasks that each person is good at doing.  Put on some music and make it fun!  You’ll be so glad you did.

2.  Give Love, Receive Love

This one is for you, and me.  Busy days turn into busy weeks.  Busy weeks into months, and so forth.  How much time do you really set aside for yourself?  Take this time to focus on your wants and needs.  Do things that bring you joy and that make you lose track of time.  Here are a few things I have in mind:

  • Make more time for my passions and hobbies:  yoga, art, travel, experimenting more with creating more natural products.
  • Spend time with friends and family that I enjoy spending time with.
  • Pamper myself.
  • Read more books.
  • Make better use of the time me and my husband spend together.

Just a few ideas I have in mind.  Take some time to really think about this one and write it down.

3.  Get Rid of Bad Food

If you’ve been going out to eat a lot or haven’t been eating the most healthy, and whole foods, now is the time to start!  Look up some healthy recipes and treat yourself to a home cooked meal that’s good for you.  You only get one body in your lifetime, treat it like the temple that it is.  My plan is to avoid processed foods, sugar, and to eat less meat.  Try that out cleanse you’ve been meaning to try or that detox regime.

I don’t want to freak you out with this one, but take baby steps.  If you drink soda regularly, start with quitting soda.  Then move your way to incorporating more whole foods in your diet.  Let’s strive for a healthy lifestyle, not a temporary diet.

4.  Get Moving

Go for a walk.  Do some at home workouts.  Try out yoga.  Do something to get your body moving!  I believe exercise helps extend your life and is so beneficial for you.  I’ve been guilty of being lazy this year and not working out as much as I’d like.  Now’s the time to get that booty off the couch…or chair…or whatever.

5.  Disconnect

This one is a big one and will probably be difficult for people to do.  Have you ever browsed aimlessly on social media just because it was something to do?  Looked at the time and realized you’ve been staring at your phone for 45 minutes when you could have or should have been doing something else?  I know I’ve started to take notice and honestly…WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!  Sure social media is great to stay connected with friends and family.  It’s entertaining as well with funny videos.  But really, when you start scrolling and see drama posts and useless videos filling your feeds, it’s like…what am I doing?  This stuff is garbage!  I’ve honestly started to get bored at trying to find something that sparks my interest.

I strive to spend less and less time on social media.  It’s a difficult road because I enjoy sharing fun and inspiring posts, posts of good and happy times.  I also like seeing the same from my friends and family.  But when you go from sharing happy and good times to talking with your friends about the latest interweb drama…I just can’t anymore.  I am also annoyed at all of the internet fame from people doing stupid things.

I want to get better at time management with better utilizing my free time.  As well as disconnect when I’m spending time with loved ones.  It feels so good to not start at a screen from time to time.  Now this may sound a little hypocritical since I’ll be sharing my posts on social media outlets.  But I’m getting to the point that if something is not benefiting me…it’s time to purge it.

“What is love?  Baby, don’t purge me.  Don’t purge me.  No more.”

6.  Purge All Things Toxic

So, I don’t want to get too far deep in my rabbit hole mind.  Also, I hope you’re also not judging me for my mini Haddaway remix.  *Queue Night at the Roxbury head bob*

Going back to what I mentioned a bit ago, if something is not benefiting you…GET RID OF IT.  That toxic relationship, that toxic job that’s draining your soul, those toxic thoughts that keep running through your mind.  Purge it all away.  This one may also be a difficult one but it’s time to let go.  I’m guilty of holding onto things but have realized that holding onto these negative things serves no positive purpose for me.

With this advice, definitely make strategic moves before making any brash decisions.  Don’t go off and just quit your job or curse out your friend that is constantly bringing you down.  Take it a day at a time, make a plan, think about it.  Things are bound to get uncomfortable here.  But this is a time for release and renewal.  Time to get that weight off your shoulders and move forward.

I believe in you and I believe in myself.  I look forward to this cleanse and think for me, it has been much needed for a while now.  Hopefully you’re not thinking of purging me and that you found this inspirational.  Let me know what you decide to try for yourself.  Maybe one item, maybe all!  Let me know how it goes!

Talk to you soon my loves!  Happy Spring!  xo – Irene

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